Friday, March 22, 2013

Linanthus californicus (Hook. & Arn.) J. M. Porter & L. A. Johnson


A perennial, woody member of the Phlox family, Linanthus californicus is found predominantly along the south-western edge of California. These plants are found growing mostly in scrub and forest habitats, but can also occur in chaparral. They are most obvious when in flower, which are open during the day, and are rosy pink to magenta.

The leaf tips of these plants are quite sharp, and, while not fully spines, are pointed enough to be painful if handled.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Corethrogyne filaginifolia (Hook. & Arn.) Nutt.


Corthrogyne filaginifolia is widely distributed species of perennial sub-shrubs found throughout the Coast-Ranges, southern Sierra Nevadas and San Bernardino Mts. These plants are variable across their range, and have been differentially lumped or split into numerous species and subspecies by some authors.

These plants can reach a height of 1/10 to 1 meters tall, with great variability in the number of stems arising from a common base.